About Canopy Press

An imprint of 3dtotal Publishing, Canopy Press was established in 2018 to create books focused on traditional crafts, lifestyle, and the environment. With an interest in enjoying the simple things in life, Canopy Press aims to build awareness around sustainable living, a mindful approach to arts and crafts, and an appreciation of the earth we dwell on.

Marrying great aesthetics with enlightening stories from real people, our first title, Forge & Carve, presents an insight into heritage crafts and their revival and survival in the modern world. With additional inspiring publications being planned for 2019 and beyond, we also post blog articles exploring all things artisinal, eco-friendly, and inspirational. Sign up to our newsletter now to stay up to date with forthcoming books and news.

…. a little bit more about Canopy Press

As 3dtotal Publishing has grown, founder and managing director Tom Greenway has been ever-conscious of sharing the benefits of that success with others by proudly donating 10% of profits to good causes, using the Centre for Effective Altruism (centreforeffectivealtruism.org) as a guide to ensure the funds are used as efficiently as possible. To offset its carbon footprint, the business also donates to Cool Earth (coolearth.org), a charity that works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction.

Tom also owns four acres of woodland, where, with the help of others, he constructed his own tree house and runs courses such as spoon carving and chair, bench, and table making. We see Canopy Press as a natural development taking root from our founder’s interests and perspective of the world . As a team we are extremely excited to be growing this new branch of publishing. It matches our philosophy as a company and allows us to produce books that we would like to see on our bookshelves, transferring expertise we have gained from producing high-quality art books and working with a range of talented people under 3dtotal Publishing since 2010. If we can help readers find a new area of interest or a new way of viewing the world, we will consider our titles successful.