Forge & Carve


What’s it all about?

With knowledge passed down from centuries ago, the presence of traditional crafts such as spoon carving, leather working, and knife making is becoming more and more pronounced in contemporary culture and on platforms such as social media and ecommerce. As the pressures of a fast-paced, modern-day life weigh on people, many seek solace in more manual, artful practices that take us out of ourselves and produce something beautiful and useful. Forge & Carve looks at eighteen crafters and how and why they create the items they do. From basket weaver to blacksmith, from potter to bowyer, meet some of the talented people behind this revival of time-honoured techniques and discover how they make a living from their artistry. Admire their craftsmanship; share their enthusiasm; and learn from their philosophy.


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Who’s involved?

Foreword by Robin Wood MBE

Ben & Lois Orford, UK

Hatchet + Bear, UK

Hewn, Ireland

Cloverdale Forge, Canada

Autine Tools, Latvia

Yoav Elkayam, Europe

Franz Josef Keilhofer, Germany

Sarah Pike, Canada

Ruth Pullan, UK

May Tove Lindås, Norway

Justin D. Burton, USA

Bernard Chandley, Australia

Mitch Iburg, USA

Tony Hitchcock, new Zealand

Peter Faulkner, UK

Simon van der Heijden, Netherlands

Carréducker, UK



320 pages | $35.99 / £24.99 | 250mm x 165mm | Hardback, portrait | USA: October 2018 / UK: September 2018